Actress - The Sopranos, The Blacklist, Law & Order SVU




    Aida Turturro Highlights

    Aida & Kara kick back in Montauk and talk about:

    • landing her gig as Janice (Tony's sister) on The Sopranos
    • sparks that flew between Aida & co-star James Gandolfini
    • working with her cousins John Turturro & Nick Turturro
    • going to the Emmys & competing on $25,000 Pyramid
    • being on Law & Order, Blue Bloods and Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    • her dream gig & why she loves working
    • life in Montauk (the quiet, super-friendly end of the Hamptons)
    • treating friends & family to prosciutto & wine
    • her family & how she overcame struggles in her childhood
    • her other gig: organizing people's homes
    • the love of her life, Ollie


    Aida Turturro Links

    Aida Turturro Quotes

    • "[The Sopranos] wasn't a set. It was a family."
    • "There was a little attraction [between James and me]. We would fight, though!"
    • "I want to buy everyone the best prosciutto, the best smoked salmon for their bagels. I want to have the best wines. I like to host and be generous."
    • "I'm not a singer. But I can sing!"
    • "Sometimes it's hard...try to enjoy the beautiful moments."
    • "I don't take s**t from people--not for a moment."
    • "I feel love around me always. Sometimes people can't give you things—their time, their support, whatever—because they’re not capable. It doesn’t mean that they don’t want to."

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