13 Reasons Why, Homeland, Shame, How We Fell in Love

Amy Hargreaves says:

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  • “I’m curious. I like to have adventures...I think I flirt with danger a little bit.”
  • “I almost sent an email to Alex Ganza like, ‘Do you need me to shoot some exteriors on the Spanish Steps? I can work that into my schedule!”
  • “I had some weirdos come after me on social media.”
  • “I got called into the principal’s office of my kids’ school!”
  • “I was trying to land in New York and be the perfect mom—and then race back out there and be like 100 percent professional and on it—and I was starting to lose my mind a little bit.”
  • “I believe in our country and I believe in our constitution and I believe that we’re a country of laws and not a country of men. And I believe that we will persevere and we’ll get through all this, but I’m concerned. I’m concerned.”
  • “I’m the youngest of five, a big loud irish catholic family with a lot going on...We had to crack some good jokes at the dinner table to get attention.”
  • “I’m not great with confrontation. Sometimes I turn into a big chicken.”
  • “I feel like a lot of the way I’ve behaved in my life, up until kind of recently, has been trying to get my parents’ approval. I feel like I maybe never quite got it, and so I was chasing after it for a long time.”