Ana Gasteyer

SNL, Lady Dynamite, People of Earth, Suburgatory, The Good Wife, Mean Girls, A Christmas Story Live

We talk:

  • being silly vs. grounded
  • besties Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, et al
  • her hair
  • balancing family with work
  • pitching TV execs
  • personality traits
  • introverts vs. extroverts
  • why open doors drive her nuts
  • Tinder for married women
  • perks of fame
  • Gomorrah
  • the opioid crisis in America
  • much more!

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Ana Gasteyer quotes

You'll hear this - & more! - on Really Famous podcast.

“My best friends are my girlfriends from Saturday Night Live.”

“I’d like to be a boss lady. I’d like to see what that feels like.”

“I’m enraged and paralyzed—but I want to understand.”

“I’m a vitamin idiot. It’s annoying. I take a lot of vitamins. It drives my children crazy.”


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Listen to Ana talk about:

  • how she went from a classic violinist to a comedic actor

  • college

  • growing up

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