Diedrich Bader

Lead Actor, Character Actor, Voice Actor

American Housewife, Better Things, Veep, Office Space, Napoleon Dynamite, Scooby-Doo, Tangled, Bojack Horseman, All Hail King Julien

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Eavesdrop on Diedrich and Kara trying to take a good selfie...


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  1. Diedrich Bader on his massive record collection and why he goes old-school in the car.
  2. He loves playing American Housewife's Greg Otto, but here's why he hates working late.
  3. Movie scripts never really die, he says. Here he explains why.

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11-second video clip – Is Diedrich Bader REALLY famous?


Diedrich Bader (hilariously) voices his two dogs.

Diedrich's REALLY FAMOUS Quotes

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“Most of the studio films I’ve been in I don’t like. Like Miss Congeniality 2. It didn’t seem to have a reason to exist.”
“I’m completely happy with where I am right now and it’s entirely due to women.”
“Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the one who turned my career around.”
“I was, frankly, bored with who I was.”
“I basically phoned it in and I thought it was really terrible.”
“I was totally depressed. I had basically hit bottom as an actor.”
“I’ve worked with people who are difficult. And some of the difficult people are not talented and it’s very frustrating. I know so many talented people who aren’t working. Everyone in voice-over is talented. So it’s a joy.”
“Most of them are total narcissists.”
“If I hadn’t shot as many show as I had before then, I would’ve quit show business.”


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