Eric Braeden on fame, success and soap operas.

Eric Braeden WIDESCREEN.jpg

You'll hear:

  • How sudden fame almost ruined him
  • Why he once hated The Young & the Restless gig
  • Why he has a British-ish accent, even though he's German
  • How he was almost being James Bond
  • His huge run-in with stage fright
  • How he handles robocalls
  • Why he changed his name





What you'll hear Eric say:

  • "Here’s a robocall calling me. I hate those bastards."
  • "Suddenly everyone's kissing your ass."
  • "Doors open, literally, within a month's time."
  • "It's a nightmare."
  • "They wanted me to play it with a limp and an eye patch. I said, Go f*#$ yourself.”
  • “I was always cynical about it. I was like, I’m doing a soap."
  • “I just then finally said, Embrace it, don’t fight it, embrace it."
  • “You either have a very absorbing brain—or you’re f*#$ed."
  • "I’m proud of how many pages I do. The most I’ve ever done in one day was about two months ago – 74 pages in one f*#$ing day!"


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