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It's Cesar Millan - like you've never seen him before.

Listen now:


Dog Whisperer, Cesar 911, Leader of the Pack

You'll hear:

  • How he became The Dog Whisperer

  • The grueling move from Mexico to the US

  • Crossing the border (over and over)

  • Growing up poor

  • Cesar's parents and grandparents

  • Getting into trouble as a child

  • Why he relates so well to dogs

  • How he honed his Dog Whisperer skills

  • Going from a dog groomer to a dog walker then a dog trainer

  • Ups and downs

  • Marriage and divorce

  • Family

  • Machismo

  • Human problems

  • Being a pack leader

  • What dogs need

  • What he's most proud of

  • He laughs and he cries. This is Cesar Millan like you've never seen him before.


What Cesar Millan says after this interview


VIDEO: Mini Q&A with Cesar Millan


VIDEO: Wardrobe malfunction?


More info on Cesar:

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Behind-the-scenes with Cesar Millan


You'll hear Cesar say:

"Most dogs in America are missing a long walk—that’s it. You give them a long walk and problems go away.""I felt rejected by the pack. I felt betrayed. I descended into a spiral.""I’m that little kid that if you don’t keep him busy, he’s going to destroy the house.""In all the American movies, Americans are the heroes—and they’re all white—so I thought, ‘I have to go learn from the white people.’""I’m a neat freak. I’m a Virgo, so I like things organized, I like things super clean.""Right now humans are following unstable pack leaders. How can the world ever be balanced when the world is following instability?"


Listen to Cesar Millan's Really Famous podcast episode right here: