Really Famous

with Kara Mayer Robinson

Famous people get real.

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Up next: Comedian Iris Bahr

Do you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm? I admit -- I don't. Yet I was a ginormous Seinfeld fan. (What's up with that? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.)

Regardless, it's back after a super-long hiatus and I chatted with one of the show's recurring guests, comedian/actress/writer Iris Bahr.

On the next episode of Really Famous, Iris shares insights on the show, like how she got together with comedian and co-star JB Smoove to co-write a new book. She also talks about a TV series she did for Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban.

We also get personal and she shares funny takes on her life as a single-and-actively-dating mom. And she has thoughts on Hollywood, women and appearance.

Stay'll be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and other podcast apps later this week!