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Just released: It's Eric Braeden.

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Eric Braeden has one of the most recognized faces around the globe, according to the Nielsen company. Why?

It's not just from Titanic or Colossus or Rat Patrol.

People EVERYWHERE are addicted to his soap opera, The Young and the Restless - even if they don’t admit it! - and Victor Newman, his character, is a fan favorite.

Eric has been approached by HUGE stars who adore him on TV, like Mohammed Ali, Aretha Franklin and Nancy Reagan.

But yes, even if you don’t watch Y&R, you know Eric Braeden from Titanic, How I Met Your Mother, The Rat Patrol, Mission Impossible and Mary Tyler Moore.

In this interview, Eric talks about IT ALL, including how fame almost ruined him - and why he once HATED his Y&R gig.

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