Really Famous

with Kara Mayer Robinson

Famous people get real.

Curtis Armstrong

Revenge of the Nerds, New Girl, Risky Business, Supernatural, American Dad

We talk:

  • juicy stories about famous actors
  • stalkers vs. creepers
  • fame
  • Tom Cruise
  • Bruce Willis
  • fear of being rejected
  • Reservoir Dogs - oh, so close!
  • ups & downs
  • obsessions
  • Orphan Black
  • much more!

A special thanks to:

Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel

We recorded this episode of Really Famous in the ultra-luxurious Empire Suite on the top floor of the Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel. Thanks for the plush rooms and spectacular city views, @Rennymidtown!



Curtis Armstrong quotes

You'll hear this - & more! - on Really Famous podcast.

"There was a lot of misbehavior going on, of various types."
"That was the moment when he became Bruce Willis."

"I tend to cry at the drop of a hat."

"It can be a very lonely life going from place to place, even if your life is very happy."

"I tend to reject jobs before they reject me."


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Listen to Curtis talk about:

  • Sean Penn (well, um, you'll see ...)
  • his new book, Revenge of the Nerd
  • thoughts on being an ex-pat

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- Revenge of the Nerd - Curtis's new book (Buy it here. Read a review here.)

Renaissance New York - where we recorded this episode


- Revenge of the Nerdsthe movie

Risky Business

American Dad

New Girl


The Outsiders

- Elaine Aronson – Curtis's wife, who wrote for Zoe Ever After, Cybill, Roseanne, Doogie Howser, MD, and more

- Alan Arkin