Shark Tank investor & branding genius


to what Daymond mentions in this episode:


Daymond sits down with Kara and talks about:

  • new projects & brands he's super-excited about
  • what he does about social media "haters"
  • why he feels daddy guilt
  • why his mother sent him on a ton of airplanes
  • an epiphany about falcons
  • crazy assumptions people often make about him
  • surprising facts about dyslexia & the Sharks
  • his personal pet peeves
  • what he worries about
  • where he'll be 20 years from now
  • his biggest regret


Daymond John Quotes

  • "My life is filled with friends. And I know the difference between friends and associates. They say a friend is somebody you can call up at 3 in the morning and say, Come help me bury a body. I have a couple of friends like that. And then I have associates. But yeah, I’m very very lucky."
  • "My oldest kids, I used to love going to the movies with them. I still love ShrekIce Age. I cant wait to watch Finding Dory."
  • "I have a decent bike. I have two--I have one electric one that I really love. It just has fat tires and on those hills that you’d normally walk up, you just put the power on to help you. I don’t like it in a sense, because I don’t want to cheat."
  • "Most people who shoot a show walk away when the cameras are down. Once we finish, the real work starts. I probably have to spend four months out of my life handling the deal and processing them every year."
  • "When I wake up in the morning, there’s 200 emails and texts."

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