Debi talks about:

  • her unconventional childhood

  • raising daughters in the social-media era

  • L.A. vs. N.Y.

  • best & darkest periods in her life

  • behind-the-scenes of producing a TV series

  • being pigeon-holed & playing a "power bitch" in Hollywood

  • meeting Madonna

  • meditation and exercise

  • what makes her super-nervous

  • her biggest regret


Debi Mazar Quotes

  • "I've always felt like I was a player, a gangster. I can hold myself up to any man in the room."

  • "People have thrown me under the bus."

  • "My survival story is probably more extraordinary than I give myself credit for."

  • "My cup had runneth empty."

  • "I won't be controlled."

  • "I just never wanted to be that woman who complained."


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