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Dee Wallace says:

Oh, my — what an interview!  If there’s anything they don’t know about me after this one, I give up!
— Dee Wallace, on Really Famous Podcast
My dad was an alcoholic most my life, ended up committing suicide when I was a senior in high school. We were very poor. I am the child of the quintessential yin and yang. Positive, negative, love, fear.
— Dee Wallace, on Really Famous
What it takes some people 15 years to do, the universe kind of dropped in my lap. BUT! I also baked chocolate chip cookies, you know? I took action.
— Dee Wallace, on Really Famous
My channel is kind of a tough love channel. Anyone can channel. Anyone and everyone can channel. Except most of us don’t believe we can.
— Dee Wallace, on Really Famous
Cujo is my favorite film.
— Dee Wallace, on Really Famous
I love House of Cards. I could watch Kevin Spacey til I die.
— Dee Wallace, on Really Famous

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