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  • I’ll interview anyone you like — your grandmother, father, sister, cousin, daughter, colleague, assistant, boss, anyone — even you!

  • I’ll do my research, interview her / him / you, record it, then send it to you.

  • It won’t air on Really Famous — you can play it on any device (like on your phone or — for added fun — on a loudspeaker at your next family gathering).

  • Give it as a gift. Or keep it as a family heirloom.

The whole package (prep, research, interviewing, recording, editing + the finished product of an audio interview you can play on all your devices now and forever) is yours for $195.

After you order it (using the button below):*

  • I’ll email you a background questionnaire.

  • We’ll set up an interview date and time (via Skype or a similar platform).

  • I’ll add a personalized intro and outro and our Really Famous music and send you the recording as an mp3 file.

*I'll be in touch within 24 hours to get things started!

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