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"By the time I was starting to make money with Lou Grant, I shot my mouth off and got the show cancelled."

"I was kind of blacklisted for a while. I didn’t get jobs right away."

"I’m greedy. Let’s leave it at that."

"Ted eventually turned, but Gavin always stayed true."

"Mary Tyler Moore? The most complex Swiss watch. She was the most phenomenal best leading person to ever have a TV show and to foster such great treatment of a cast with writers and situations. Everybody got to bee a star around her. She was the axle around which the wheels revolved. And she was perfect. She was perfect then. She was less perfect later."

"I thought Will Ferrell in Up was out of sight."

"I’m broke. Fame hasn’t done a goddamn thing. I need money."

"Where are the vigilantes to nail his ass to the board? It makes me furious that nobody has done a goddamn thing about it."

"Whereas we had sexual liberty before, that liberty has been greatly circumscribed."



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