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"It was amazing. It was deep. Finally, somebody asked me juicy questions!"

- Fabio, after talking to Kara on Really Famous


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Fabio talks about:

  • How he became "Fabio"
  • (By the way, his last name is Lanzoni.)
  • Opinions and theories on stress, happiness, hobbies and love
  • His beloved car (No, it’s not Italian—it’s German.)
  • Why he's not crazy about Italy
  • Politics - from Berlusconi to Trump
  • Fame and Hollywood fakeness
  • Laugh tracks
  • Why he hates most interviews (but not this one!)

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Fabio loved it so much that after the interview he walked around snapping photos.

Next time you're in Los Angeles, stop by! 

Tell them Kara from Really Famous sent you.

610 Lairport St., El Segundo, CA 90245

(It's right near the airport.)

For details, visit theadm.org.


Fun Fabio Videos:

Fabio's REALLY FAMOUS Quotes

You'll hear this and more on Really Famous.

"I'm telling you!"
"I never felt home in Italy. I always felt Italy was too small for me as a country."
"I was a pain in the butt for my father and my mom. I got kicked out from school, went from school to school. Put it this way—I was a handful."
"Church. Mob. Government. They’re in bed together."
"If you make the same mistake over and over, you’re stupid.”
"If someone felt sorry for me, it would be the biggest insult.”
"You can be A-list in movies but in life be Z-list. You have to be A-list in life."



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