"You're superb. I would put our conversation among my top three interviews – the others being Terry Gross and Charlie Rose.."

-Tim Gunn


"You were a therapist? Now that makes perfect sense to me. I bet you were wonderful."

-Tituss Burgess


"You have an unusual quality of making it seem casual and accessible and nice."

-Jesse Eisenberg


"You literally just channeled my therapist."

-Ana Gasteyer


"Oh my, what an interview! If there's anything they don't know about me after this one, I give up."

-Dee Wallace


"I had such a good time. This is how interviews should be!"

-Debi Mazar


"I've never really talked about what happened...I'm very proud of how you handled my story."

-Jamie-Lynn Sigler


"You're good at what you do. This was so much fun for me. I love chatting with you!"

-Liz Lange


"Great interview."

- Edie Falco


"Very deep questions...you were awesome!"

- Annette O'Toole



-Christina Aguilera


"She's like my long-lost daughter."

-Gavin MacLeod

"You're good people, I can tell."

-Amy Ryan


"You're such a great interviewer. I have to thank you. You just seem so informed and your questions are so good."

-Kim Raver


"LOVE it! Huge merci."

-Jonathan Adler


"It was a really good talk...Now we need another hour!"

-Donny Most