Get to know Scott Hamilton.

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You'll hear:

  • How to be a winner
  • Why he lost sleep when he arrived at the Olympics
  • Which YouTube videos he devoured
  • Why one day he just got in a car and drove, then ducked under the radar for three years
  • Why he gets a $.63 check every month
  • Health problems and how he feels now
  • His regrets and what haunts him
  • How he feels about his distinctive voice
  • Why he's grateful for all the ups and downs in his life



What you'll hear Scott say:

  • "If there was recipe for success, the biggest greatest single ingredient would be failure."
  • "I was more comfortable in front of 17,000 people than I was in front of one person. It was really hard."
  • "I had a protector in grade school, a big Hispanic guy who looked after me."
  • "Maybe someday they won’t call me ‘ma’am’ when I order room service."
  • "When I went through cancer I had to re-establish who I was and what I was about."
  • "I look at that brain tumor and if I hadn’t had that brain tumor, my life wouldn’t be what it is today."

Big thanks to La Pulperia, where we recorded this episode.

La Pulperia Restaurant

151 East 57th St, New York, NY 10022






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