jenna ushkowitz

glee, hello again, waitress

We talk:

  • behind-the-scenes of Glee
  • audition fails
  • nerves + confidence
  • fame + fans
  • obsessions + OCD
  • burnout
  • Cory Monteith
  • ups & downs
  • her podcast, Epic Fail
  • much more!

A special thanks to:

renaissance new york midtown hotel

We recorded this episode of Really Famous in the ultra-luxurious Empire Suite on the top floor of the Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel. Thanks for the plush rooms and spectacular city views, @Rennymidtown!



jenna ushkowitz Quotes

You'll hear this - & more! - on Really Famous podcast.

“We were exposed—for a long time.”

“We clung close to each other.”


“I’m my own worst enemy. I get in my way every day.”


“I actually was slightly starstruck – by a 13-year-old boy.”


“It’s weird to go in a coffee shop and have people looking at you and want to talk to you and think they know who you are. They do, in a sense, but they don’t really know who you are.”



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Listen to Jenna talk about:

  • her first boyfriend ... and the unexpected thing that happened!
  • her pal, famous actress Kristin Chenoweth
  • her podcast, EPIC FAIL

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Renaissance New York - where we recorded this episode


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