Kim Fields

The Facts of Life, Living Single, Real Housewives of Atlanta & Dancing with the Stars


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We talk:

  • Ups & downs in Hollywood and in life
  • Friends, family & her faith
  • Pals Janet Jackson, Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Blair Underwood
  • Body image and puberty in front of millions
  • Reinventing herself
  • Red hair vs. blond hair
  • Details on all her shows - The Facts of Life, Living Single, Real Housewives of Atlanta and Dancing with the Stars
  • Binge-worthy TV and fave movies, like Bloodline, Stranger Than Fiction, Dan in Real Life
  • much more!


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Kim Fields quotes

You'll hear this - & more! - on Really Famous podcast.

"You can be very, very talented – and not work."
"It was what I call a social adventure." (joining the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta)
"Girl, don’t get me started on Benjamin Bratt. I mean his work—he’s a great actor."

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Listen to Kim talk about:

  • surviving an extreme low point in life

  • needing privacy

  • competing in Battle of the Network Stars -- twice

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Renaissance New York - where we recorded this episode


The Facts of Life - Kim played Tootie


Living Single - Kim played Regine


Real Housewives of Atlanta - Kim joined the cast for one season


Dancing with the Stars - Kim danced!


Living the Dream – Kim's TV series now on Sky1 in the UK