Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr, aka Jon Mohr, aka JJ Mohr, is here!

This is an episode like no other.

He's funny. He's serious. It's light. It's deep. We go off the rails. Repeatedly. I analyze him. He analyzes me.

Greyson Chance

Greyson Chance, who went viral back in 2010 from singing “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga at his school has since grown tremendously and made a name for himself.

He’s here today, talking about his incredible story, his ups and downs, and his new music, including his latest single Shut Up.

Christopher Knight

Yes, it's Peter Brady!

From The Brady Bunch.

We talk about how The Brady Bunch saved him, in a way, from his not-so-perfect home life, and why his relationship with Kara is evidence that he's now in a healthy place.

And yes, he shares tons of behind-the-scenes Brady Bunch scoop!

Jeremy Sisto

Jeremy Sisto (FBI, Six Feet Under, Law and Order, Waitress) and I laugh and dig deep on everything from snowplow parenting to social faux-pas to the power of therapy to his fabulously layered Six Feet Under character, Billy Chenowith.

And something happens, smack in the middle of the podcast.

Anthony Mendez

Jane the Virgin narrator and movie trailer voice artist Anthony Mendez could entertain me all day with his deep voice!

Anthony will entertain you too, starting with a little gem to kick off the podcast.

Yeardley Smith

It's Lisa Simpson!

Yes, Emmy-winner Yeardley Smith is the voice of smart, spunky Lisa Simpson on The Simpsons.

She joins me to talk about perfectionism, success and disappointment. Plus we have some laughs.