Eric Braeden gets recognized everywhere he goes. Get the skinny on sudden success, fame and finding equilibrium.

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You'll hear:

  • How sudden fame almost ruined him
  • Why he once hated The Young & the Restless gig
  • Why he has a British-ish accent, even though he's German
  • How he was almost being James Bond
  • His huge run-in with stage fright
  • How he handles robocalls
  • Why he changed his name

In this interview, Eric talks about IT ALL, including how fame almost ruined him - and why he once HATED his Y&R gig.

Tim Daly talks #MadamSecretary, #TheSopranos + #Wings ... and gets personal!

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Actor Tim Daly, who played Christopher Soprano's screenwriter "friend" on The Sopranos, Joe Hackett on Wings and now Henry McCord on Madam Secretary, talks about everything about show business, movies and TV, and life. For starters:

  • His hit show on CBS, Madam Secretary 
  • Getting recognized (or not!)
  • His family (two kids & a grandbaby!) and partner Tea Leoni
  • Starring in WingsDiner, Hill Street Blues, The Sopranos, etc.
  • Growing up (It's complicated.)
  • His sister, Tyne Daly
  • New York & Los Angeles & Vermont
  • His true love 


    Timothy Busfield breaks down Designated Survivor, The West Wing, thirtysomething + Field of Dreams

    Actor + director Timothy Busfield stops by to have a chat about, oh, EVERYTHING. Like:

    • The West Wing
    • Designated Survivor
    • This Is Us
    • Thirtysomething
    • Field of Dreams
    • His wife, Melissa Gilbert
    • Acting and directing
    • Growing up
    • Parenting
    • Alcoholism
    • And so much more.

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    Love movies and television? You'll dig this episode!

    It's like a MASTERCLASS.

    You’ll learn ins and outs of acting, actors, directing, directors, scripts, dialogue and elements of a successful TV show or movie. 

    Tim also gets personal - about his father’s rejection, his mother’s alcoholism, and how much he adores being a parent and now a grandfather. This is me, after all. How could I not get personal?!?

    By the end of our intimate interview, you'll feel like you know Tim personally.

    This is Jeremy Wade's first "official" podcast interview.

    Listen in as he talks about getting malaria, having no job and no real home for almost two decades, what it took to land his plum TV hosting gig, and what goes on behind the scenes of his two hit Animal Planet shows, River Monsters and Jeremy Wade's Mighty Rivers.

    See behind-the-scenes photos and videos right here.

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    Michael Imperioli takes a deep dive on The Sopranos, Goodfellas and why he's nothing like Christopher Moltisanti.

    It's Christopher from The Sopranos! And Eddie from the new ABC series about podcasting, Alex, Inc. And the author of a new coming-of-age novel, The Perfume Burned His Eyes.

    We sit down for an in-depth interview. You'll hear him break down The Sopranos, what he learned from David Chase, behind-the-scenes secrets to his pivotal scene with Joe Pesci in the classic gangster film Goodfellas and his work with Spike Lee.

    He also gets personal! You'll learn why he stalked his wife, where he grew up and who he really is. Hint: It's not Christopher Moltisanti.



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