GLOW and Private Practice actor Chris Lowell philosophizes and laughs.

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You'll hear:

Chris and Kara hit topics galore, like:

  • Being a Rob Lowe look-alike
  • The Jinx
  • Marc Maron (as a human and a podcaster)
  • How famous you should be (or feel) if you're a Really Famous podcast guest
  • Why he looks like a grandpa
  • Why he has "Y2K fears" of technology
  • Black and white photography
  • Silver gelatin prints
  • Victorian pageant parties
  • Moving to Italy for cooking classes
  • A George Clooney story
  • The Help and Up in the Air
  • Why SNL is the ONLY television show he watches

Stick around for the end!

There are funny bits.

Those who listen to the whole thing shall be rewarded.

And when it's over, you'll feel like you know Chris personally.