Timothy Busfield breaks down Designated Survivor, The West Wing, thirtysomething + Field of Dreams

Actor + director Timothy Busfield stops by to have a chat about, oh, everything. Like:

  • The West Wing

  • Designated Survivor

  • This Is Us

  • Thirtysomething

  • Field of Dreams

  • His wife, Melissa Gilbert

  • Acting and directing

  • Growing up

  • Parenting

  • And so much more.

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Love movies and television? You'll dig this episode!

It's like a MASTERCLASS.

You’ll learn ins and outs of acting, actors, directing, directors, scripts, dialogue and elements of a successful TV show or movie. 

Tim also gets personal - about his father’s rejection, his mother’s alcoholism, and how much he adores being a parent and now a grandfather. This is me, after all. How could I not get personal?!?

By the end of this riveting interview, you'll feel like you know Tim personally.