Better Call Saul, This Is Spinal Tap, Laverne & Shirley, SNL, Best in Show


  • Michael reveals the Chuck McGill TWIST that surprised even him. 
  • We analyze the characters on Better Call Saul.
  • He surprises me with what people say to him about Skyler (and Walter White) on BREAKING BAD.
  • He tells me why he doesn't buy into the idea of REGRET.
  • Michael says he was a SCREW-UP when he was younger and explains what he inherited from his parents.
  • We get into juicy bits about LENNY & SQUIGGY (you know, from Laverne and Shirley), David St. Hubbins (This Is Spinal Tap) and The Brady Bunch Movie.
  • Michael shares what makes him EMOTIONAL (in real life and onscreen).


From Michael's mouth to your ears:

  • "Hey Jimmy, there's a shark there!"
  • "Rather than just being a fragile, fractured human being with enormous intellect and nowhere to go with it...they put the whip in my hand, or in Chuck's hand."
  • "There were people who wanted that character dead."
  • "I'm a lifelong insomniac."
  • "I flunked out of college."
  • "Great comedy makes me laugh. Great tragedy puts me away."
  • "I'm a sucker for actresses. I married one -- only one."
  • "I got a lot of offers to play the goofy neighbor next door in a lot of other things and -- no thank you."
  • "I've never been either hot nor not...and it's kind of OK with me."

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