miriam shor



You'll hear actor Miriam Shor say:


“He had a full beard and looked like a leprechaun, so ...”
"I pictured I'd be like 50, in Nepal, backpacking over mountains, with a child of some other ethnic origin on my back ... and then I met him.”
"I don't know that we respect mothers a lot in this country ... "I just don't think we value it in the same way we value some dude who works in a hedge fund. And that's absurd.”
"Rejected TWICE from the University of Michigan theater department. And the guidance counselor sat me down and said, 'Yeah, maybe you shouldn't do this.'”
"I get 'No' all the time. I'm going to say 99 out of 100 -- and that's if you're lucky."
"There’s a lot of bad behavior in Hollywood. I don’t understand it."
"I was obsessed with Law & Order ... every Law & Order there was ... original, extra crispy!"
"My father taught me that goofiness is next to godliness."
"Oh my God! I have FOMO! Oh, a final diagnosis! It's like when you have irritable bowel syndrome and you finally get diagnosed. It feels so good!"