See what happens when two east coast women hang out on the west coast...

Actor Elisabeth Röhm, who you know from Law & Order and American Hustle, and I hang out in her California home and bond over New York, TV and self-awareness.

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Elisabeth Röhm should also be a motivational speaker.

She’s super self-aware and always looks for the takeaway. Listen and you’ll see what I mean.

You'll also hear about:

  • Venice, California

  • SoHo

  • Saratoga

  • Dusseldorf

  • Tennessee

  • Sarah Lawrence

  • Law & Order

  • American Red Cross

  • New Yorkers

  • Making friends and connecting with others – in Los Angeles vs. New York

  • Elisabeth’s 8-year plan

  • Her LA “chapter”

  • Life lessons from her mom

  • Blogging for

  • Uta Hagen

  • Carnegie Hall

  • Creating inspiration for others

  • Getting fired from One Life to Live

  • Getting hired on Law &Order

  • Sam Waterston’s advice

  • What you don’t know about Jerry Orbach

  • Being a full-time mom AND a working mom

  • Living as a family after divorce

  • IVF

  • Why she thinks “everything has a lesson”

  • Giftbags and takeaways

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