Does holding a mic affect what we say? Actor Erich Bergen from Madam Secretary analyzes this (and way more).

This week’s podcast guest plays Blake Moran on Madam Secretary, just finished a Broadway run of Waitress and sings for us (right here on the show!).

Listen now HERE.



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This is a fun one!

You'll hear Erich Bergen and I talk about:

  • Behind-the-scenes details on Madam Secretary, Tim Daly, Tea Leoni and Louis Gossett, Jr.

  • Erich’s pet peeves

  • Why spelling matters

  • How holding a microphone impacts how we act

  • Reality TV

  • Watching people’s therapy sessions

  • Performer’s high

  • Performer’s low

  • Why he’s private about his personal life

  • The flaw in “broken family”

  • What he did in college (Hint: It’s VERY relevant.)

  • You’ll hear his brand-new singles, Running Through the Night and Better in the Dark! Right here on the podcast!

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