You'll want my new guest in your friend circle. (I sure do.)

New Amsterdam and thirtysomething director-actor-producer Peter Horton and I do a deep dive on making a television show, humanity and sending our daughters off to college.

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You'll hear Peter Horton and I dissect:

  • His new hit TV series, New Amsterdam

  • Being Gary on thirtysomething

  • Children of the Corn and Side Out

  • Nuts & bolts of being a producer

  • Making a network TV show in New York when you live in LA

  • Shooting television in Los Angeles

  • Our defense mechanisms

  • Sending our daughters off to college

  • Unexpected encounters

  • The “magnetism of technology”

  • Why he didn’t want to be an actor

After hanging out with us for an hour, you’ll feel like Peter’s an old friend (who you can’t wait to see again).

Links to what Peter Horton and I mention on the podcast

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My conversation with thirtysomething actor Polly Draper (aka Ellyn!) is coming soon.

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