Madam Secretary, Wings, Diner, The Sopranos

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You'll hear Tim talk about:

  • His hit show on CBS, Madam Secretary 
  • Getting recognized (or not!)
  • His family (2 kids & a grand-baby!) and partner Tea Leoni
  • Starring in WingsDiner, Hill Street Blues, The Sopranos, etc.
  • Growing up (It's complicated.)
  • His sister, Tyne Daly
  • New York & Los Angeles
  • His true love (Hint: It's Vermont-related.) 

You'll hear Tim Daly say:

  • "I was a chubby, awkward kid. I looked kind of like an overweight girl until I was maybe 20."
  • "I would love to have Diner back. Boy, I would like to do it again. I would be good in that part now."


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