TIM GUNN tells all.

the project runway co-host & mentor tells all in this in-depth interview on really famous podcast. 

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interview highlights

  • What he REALLY thinks about the Project Runway judges
  • Why gifts make him cringe
  • What's hiding in his closet
  • Who he just unfollowed on Facebook
  • His mother
  • How he feels about being single
  • What he does about stalkers
  • TV shows he's addicted to
  • Thoughts on athleisure & plus-size clothing
  • A prediction about Donald Trump
  • Details on his meeting Michelle Obama
  • Which Runway designer he wanted to win

Tim Gunn podcast quotes

Tim Gunn reveals A TON in this celebrity interview with Kara. Here's a taste of what he says:

  • “the most hideous clothes in the history of Runway” (Listen to find out which designer's garments.)
  • “It’s Heidi’s way of shutting me up.”
  • “I will bend and bend and bend – until I snap.”
  • “I stopped following them on Facebook. Their preenings…it bugs the living daylights out of me!” (Listen to find out who.)
  • “I can’t stand being in the same room with them.”
  • “I just want to say, ‘Get with it, people!’”
  • “I screamed, ‘Point of order!’” I was shrill, angry, accusatory.”
  • “Things continue to be very tense between [this judge] and me.” (Listen to find out who.)
  • “I can’t stand him.” (Listen to find out who.)
  • “I’ll take [this judge] over [that judge] any day.”
  • “[This judge] is Trumpian. So filled with ego. The Messiah.”
  • “I do love Heidi—though in the last two years, her fashion taste has been wacky.”
  • “I don’t want designers to ever think I’m a mule.”
  • “I’m having a passive-aggressive standoff with my [close relative].” (Listen to find out who.)
  • “I’m not a particularly good friend.”
  • “Then I have my huge dilemma of the day: What am I going to wear?”
  • “I’m an ostrich.” (Listen to find out what he means.)
  • “People say, ‘Oh, let’s get together for dinner.’ I say, 'Please, let’s NOT!'”
  • “I pour myself a glass of wine and watch Two Fat Ladies.”

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