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fashion guru & Project Runway mentor

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POdcast Highlights

Project Runway host Tim Gunn gets cozy with Kara -- and tells all!

  • what he REALLY thinks about the Project Runway judges
  • why gifts make him cringe
  • what's hiding in his closet
  • who he just unfollowed on Facebook
  • his mother
  • how he feels about being single
  • what he does about stalkers
  • TV shows he's addicted to
  • thoughts on athleisure & plus-size clothing
  • a prediction about Donald Trump
  • details on his encounters with Michelle Obama
  • who he wanted to win last season of Project Runway


Tim Gunn Quotes

  • "Jaywalking: I'm flummoxed by it. I have to discipline myself to not work myself into a rage when I'm out on the sidewalks. I don't understand what's wrong with people!"
  • "There's a general sloppification of America. Look at the way people travel on planes. I have a flight attendant say to me with some frequency, "We're so happy you dressed up." I say, "Well, I wouldn't have it any other way."
  • "I'm a junk TV person, I just am. I used to watch Million Dollar Listing. I'm a real estate person. Then I stopped. It's too ridiculous. It's preposterous!"
  • "A trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art can be very intellectually stimulating. It's also very emotional. There are paintings there that just lift me off the ground. Even if it’s just a few centimeters, I just feel buoyant."
  • "My pajamas: red tartan flannel pants, a T-shirt and a charcoal, chalk-stripe bathrobe. I sometimes think if there were a fire, would I change before running outside? The answer is yes."


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