Tippi Hedren

Actress & Animal Activist

The Birds, Marnie


Tippi Hedren talks about:

  • Alfred Hitchcock's obsession with her.

  • Slamming doors and confronting Hitchcock's wife.

  • A twist of events while filming The Birds.

  • Injuries while filming.

  • Shambala, her animal sanctuary for lions and tigers.

  • Living with a lion in a quiet Los Angeles neighborhood.

  • #MeToo and why she spoke out then and now.

  • Getting nervous. Or not.

  • Raising her daughter, actor Melanie Griffith, as a single mother. 

Special Clip

Tippi Hedren and Kara analyze Alfred Hitchcock's famous films...


More Bonus Clips*

  1. Eavesdrop on Tippi Hedren and Kara Mayer Robinson as they pose for pictures.

  2. Tippi goes into detail about her lion and tiger sanctuary, Shambala.

  3. Tippi helped immigrant women make a living and support their families. She explains how.

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Bonus Videos

Behind-the-scenes clip – Kara outside Shambala, minutes before meeting Tippi.


Tippi Hedren reflects on her talk with Kara.

Tippi Hedren's REALLY FAMOUS Quotes

You'll hear this and more on Really Famous.

“He had me followed. He would drive by my house to see whether I was home. It was becoming very, very frightening.”“He had all of these birds that he hurled at me.”“Marlon [Brando] was so put off by it.”“They could always stand up. They just didn’t.”“Demands were thrown at me that I wasn’t interested in.”“I can’t change it. What is is. What happened happened.”


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The Birds - Watch the trailer.

Marnie - What critics say about Tippi Hedren's last film with Alfred Hitchcock.

Roar - The movie that injured cast and crew.

Shambala - More details on the animal sanctuary and Tippi Hedren's animal activism.