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Zoe reveals:

  • Why you'll laugh & cry when you see new film Band Aid (June 2)
  • Secrets of her own marriage ... and how it almost ended
  • Why her bag is loaded with pills & lipsticks
  • How she unwinds after Life in Pieces
  • Why, in a way, she's like a grandmother
  • She's not just hilarious -- also whip-smart & a deep thinker
  • What Sex & the City's Mr. Big told her during a Law & Order taping
  • Which TV series she's campaigning to guest star o 


From Zoe's mouth to your ears:

  • "I had just starting acting and was meeting all these cute boys..."
  • "I had a lot more skepticism around marriage than he did at first."
  • "We were in this open relationship."
  • "I don't let go of anything. There are so many things to take personally or worry about. I worry about everything--the world coming to an end or my health or the way I look. The list is forever."
  • "I'm not a morning person. I love a 10 a.m. Sometimes I'll go to 11. This is why I can't have children."
  • "I'm a high-low kind of girl."